5 Useful SQL Date Queries

As an Oracle Technical Developer we deal with queries regarding dates often whether it is range bound, specific day, specific month or specific year. These date queries are simple but still proves to be time consuming when client is on our neck. Sometimes we feel that these queries don’t behave as they should. So in order to save some of your precious time I had listed out 5 useful SQL date queries in one place to make handy to you during stringent times. You can bookmark this page if you want. It will serve as your assistant at the times when you need date queries on the go. Also this page will serve as a source of interview specific questionnaires for job seekers or job changers.

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First and Last Date of Current Month and Year

  • First and last date of Current Month

  • Find out last date of Current Year

Days Left and Days Passed in Current Year

Days left in current year

Days passed in current year

Financial Year Beginning

Financial year beginning (for all the months except January)

This is example for April (4th) month which is the start of financial year for many organizations

If your organization have financial year starting from September you have to just replace 04 with 09. Don’t forget to use ‘0’ as prefix for months having digit in single integer.

Financial year beginning (for January)

Remaining retirement years of an employee

if retirement years in your organization is 58 then replace 60 with 58

Determine age of an employee in years

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Click here for official Oracle Date and Time Function Documentation.

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