Watch Best Motivational Video of Larry Ellison – Founder of Oracle Corporation

This can be a totally off post from technology perspective. But sometimes a bit of diversion is necessary to gear ourselves up. Perhaps, a motivational video could be of great help here for all of us, I guess.

Whenever we find ourselves in hard situation, we think it is insurmountable. Most of the times people quit rather than fighting to it. They forget to see the results they would have conquered if they had stayed and remained persistent. The life of great people who inspires us were never easy. Maybe we never had same kind of adversities but every person has unique challenge. If they had overcome theirs, why can’t us?

I would like to share best motivational video of Larry Ellison – Founder of Oracle Corporation from my YouTube channel ClearlyMotivation.

Read detailed story about the struggles of Larry Ellison here.

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