How to change interface color of Oracle E-Business Suite instance?

We work across through multiple instances in Oracle E-Business Suite such as Development, SIT, UAT, Pre-Prod or Prod, depending on the decision taken by project leaders. Having different instances opened at the same time may create confusion or sometimes ambiguity in copying data. To change interface color of instances can help you get rid of these confusions and ambiguities.

Note: Interface color can be changed at Site, Application, Responsibility, Server, Organization and User Levels.

Steps to change interface color of Oracle E-Business suite instance are given below

1) Go to System Administrator responsibility

2) Navigate to System Administrator → Profile → System


3) Check Display level as Site and query for Java Look and Feel profile option


4) It will be set to either null or Generic or Oracle

5) If Java Look and Feel profile option is set to Generic then no color scheme will apply to the interface. So either keep it as Null or change it to Oracle

6) Now again from System Profile Option screen query for profile option Java Color Scheme


7) Change it to whatever color scheme you like as given in List of Values (For this example, let’s select it to blue)


8) Save the form and exit

9) Either logout and login again to the instance or change the responsibility to notice the color change

Few Profile Options that are good to know

FND: Indicator Colors

By default, this profile option is set to Yes. The color scheme rule of this profile option is as follows:

  • All mandatory fields are displayed in yellow
  • Color of queryable fields during Enter-Query mode is different
  • Fields which are disabled are shown in Gray

Options Available: Yes and No

Java Color Scheme

Java Color Scheme profile option can be set anything from below list of values

  • Blue
  • Khaki
  • Olive
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Swan
  • Teal
  • Titanium

Important: Other than Swan if any other color scheme is set for Java Color Scheme profile option, system response time can be increased.

Java Look and Feel

This profile option consists of two values

  • Generic: If a value is set as Generic then Java Color Scheme profile option will not have any effect.
  • Oracle: Setting up this profile option to Oracle will generate effects of Java Color Scheme.

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6 thoughts on “How to change interface color of Oracle E-Business Suite instance?

  1. All of this is very informative and below highlights some of the limitations to this functionality.

    As referenced, this is effective when navigating between instances. Oracle provides the option to change the colour scheme in the core application only so sorry OA Framework forms will not respond to these profile changes and perhaps one of the more negative parts to this functionality is that the ability to override the core application colour schemes at the responsibility level will only work when closing the application down and logging in under the different responsibility it has been set for.

    Navigation between responsibilities using Oracle’s top hat function alone will not change the colour of the core application forms.

    Consider the above when responding to any requirements regarding the colour scheme change.

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