CONCSUB Utility in Oracle E-Business Suite

Concurrent programs are essential part of Oracle E-Business suite. They are executed from a responsibility by login into Oracle Application. There is also another way to run concurrent programs without Oracle Application i.e. CONCSUB utility. It will be handy to you when you wish to submit program from UNIX shell script or operating system level.

Location: CONCSUB utility is location at path $FND_TOP/bin/CONCSUB

Submit Concurrent Program through CONCSUB

Before submitting the concurrent program, make sure it is defined and registered in Oracle Applications first. Both standard and custom concurrent programs can be submitted via CONCSUB utility.

Log file path: Log file of concurrent program can be found at $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG path

Out file path: Output file of concurrent program can be found at $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT  path.

Syntax of CONCSUB

CONCSUB <APPS username>/<APPS password> \
<responsibility application short name> \
<responsibility name> \
<username> \
[WAIT=N|Y|<n seconds>] \
<program application short name> \
<program name> \
[PROGRAM_NAME=<description>] \
[ORG_ID=<#>] - R12 onwards only
[REPEAT_TIME=<resubmission time>] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL= <number>] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL_UNIT=< resubmission unit>] \
[REPEAT_INTERVAL_TYPE=< resubmission type>] \
[REPEAT_END=<resubmission end date and time>] \
[START=<date>] \
[IMPLICIT=< type of concurrent request> \
[<parameter 1> ... <parameter n>]
Parameter Name Required? Comment
<username/password> Yes Database username and password
<responsibility application short name> Yes The application short name of the responsibility
<responsibility name> Yes The name of the responsibility. If the name of the responsibility includes spaces, enclose that name in double quotes.
<username> Yes The uppercase username of the application user
<WAIT> No A flag that indicates whether to wait for the submitted request to complete. If one leaves this parameter out, the default value of N makes CONCSUB return to the operating system prompt without waiting for the request to complete. Set WAIT=Y to have CONCSUB check the request status every 60 seconds and returns to the operating system prompt when the request is completed.
<CONCURRENT> Yes A flag that separates the program specific parameters from the operating system parameters
<program application short name> Yes The application short name of the concurrent program
<program name> Yes The short name of concurrent program
<PROGRAM_NAME> No A descriptive name for your program
<ORG_ID> No Introduced in R12, set to org id required for the report to be run with
<REPEAT TIME> No The time of day to resubmit the request.  The format for the time is HH24:MI or HH24:MI:SS
<REPEAT_INTERVAL> No The interval between resubmission (a positive integer or real number). Use this parameter along with REPEAT_INTERVAL_UNIT to specify the time between resubmissions
<REPEAT_INTERVAL_UNIT> No The unit of time used for the interval between resubmissions. The available units are MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS or MONTHS. Use this parameter along with REPEAT_INTERVAL to specify the time between resubmissions
<REPEAT_INTERVAL_TYPE> No Whether to time the resubmission interval from the requested start time of the request or from its completion. Set this parameter either to START or END. The default value is START
<REPEAT_END> No The date and time to stop resubmitting the concurrent request
<START> No A start date and time for the program in this format:
DDMONRR HH24:MI:SS (as in 07APR02 18:32:05)
Because this date format includes a space, one must enclose the date in double quotation marks and single quotation marks.
<IMPLICIT> No Whether to show this concurrent request on the View Requests form. Specify NO, YES, ERROR or WARNING. The value IMPLICIT=NO allows the request to appear on the View Request form. The default value is NO.
<REPEAT_DAYS> No The number of days after which to repeat the concurrent request, calculated from the last requested start date.
<parameter 1> …<parameter n> No The program specific parameters. If a parameter includes spaces, enclose that parameter in double quotes, then in single quotes. If a parameter contains a double quotation mark as part of the argument, precede that mark with a backslash [\].


"System Administrator" \
PROGRAM_NAME='"Register Custom Tables Weekly"' \
START='"21-JUN-18 23:55:00"'

Simple one line CONCSUB utility

CONCSUB <username>/<password> SYSADMIN 'System Administrator' scottapps WAIT=N 


  • 1 and ‘SFS’ are two parameters of concurrent program,
  • CONC_PROGRAM_EXE is concurrent program short name,
  • scottapps is application user name

Shutting down Internal Concurrent Managers

Internal concurrent managers can be shut down using CONCSUB utility under SYSADMIN username.




  • Use the option DEACTIVATE to submit the Shutdown All Managers concurrent request.
  • To submit the Shutdown Abort Managers concurrent request, use the program ABORT.
  • To submit the Verify All Managers Status concurrent request, uses the program VERIFY.

You cannot use CONCSUB to start concurrent managers. For that you need to use STARTMGR command/utility

$ startmgr sysmgr="<username>/<password>" mgrname="std" printer="print01" 
mailto="" restart="N" logfile="mgrlog" sleep="90" pmon="5" quesiz="10"

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