How To Create Schedule In Oracle HRMS

After you have created shifts and schedule patterns, the next step is to create schedule and assign it to employees. Let us see here in this article how to create schedules in Oracle HRMS.

Step 1: Create Shifts

Check here how to create shifts in Oracle HRMS

Step 2: Create Schedule Patterns

Check here how to create schedule patterns in Oracle HRMS

Step 3: Set the profile option

  • Go to System Administrator responsibility and navigate to Profiles – System
  • Query for HR: Schedule Based Absence Calculation profile, set the value to Yes at the required level
  • Save the record

Now we can create schedules.

Create Schedule

To create schedules follow below steps:

  • Log on to the Oracle E-Business Suite Application
  • Go to XX HRMS Manager Responsibility
  • Navigate to Work Structures -> Work Schedules -> Maintain Schedules -> Schedules
  • Another path to create schedule pattern is Work Structures -> Work Schedules -> Schedule Repository -> Schedules
  • Click on Schedules tab

  • Go to Define schedules page
  • Select the previously created pattern
  • Give a unique name for the schedule.
  • Select the category as ‘Work Schedule’
  • Provide appropriate start and end date for the schedule

create schedule in hrms pic 2

 Creating Exception

  • Provide an exception name
  • Give appropriate start date and the end date.
  • Select ‘Not Available (Busy)’ and check the ‘Whole day’ check box.
  • If you wish to add any already created exceptions click the search icon of Name field
  • You can create as many exceptions as you want.
  • After adding the required exception, click on ‘Next’

Assigning Resources

  • In the Add Resources page, you have an option to select the following

  1. HR Business Group
  2. HR Job
  3. HR Location
  4. HR Organization
  5. HR Position
  6. Person Assignment
  • Here we have selected ‘Person Assignment’ type
  • Selected an Employee to whom you wish to assign this schedule
  • You can add as many employees you want
  • Make sure to tick the ‘Publish Schedule’ field.
  • On adding the resources, you can navigate to the Review page and finish the action.
  • You can also run a report against the schedule in the review page.
  • After schedule is created below message will appear on screen


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