How To Create Schedule Pattern In Oracle HRMS

In order to perform tasks, schedule pattern for employees should be created. This schedule pattern is then assigned to employees as per different effective dates. Schedule pattern determines employees’ capacity to participate in given tasks.

Let us see here

Ceate Schedule Pattern

  • Log on to the Oracle E-Business Suite Application.
  • Go to XX HRMS Manager Responsibility.
  • Navigate to Work Structures -> Work Schedules -> Maintain Schedules -> Schedule Patterns
  • Another path to create schedule pattern is Work Structures -> Work Schedules -> Schedule Repository -> Schedule Patterns
  • Click on Schedule Patterns tab

create schedule pattern pic 1

  • There are three types of schedule patterns you can create
    • Calendar Based Pattern
    • Day Based Pattern
    • Duration Based Pattern

Duration based pattern

This pattern is composed of hour duration. Like 8 hours available followed by 16 hours not available. Every duration is a shift you create and name while creating the pattern.

Calendar based pattern

This pattern is created with the day of week pattern should start, starting time, and number of hours from starting time. The day is the shift name.

Day based pattern

This pattern is created by using shifts you have already created. It has start day and end day to determine length in number of days after which the pattern repeats.

Create Schedule Pattern using Day based pattern

  • On Schedule Pattern screen select option Day based Pattern and click on Go

  • Provide length, name, and description along with shift that you have already created. Here I have created pattern using Length as 5 but you can select 6 or 7 if you want

  • You will be prompted to select the Shift, select the one you have created previously (Here it is TEST_DAY_SHIFT)

Check out here how I created shift TEST_DAY_SHIFT

  • In the ‘Add Details’ region, create an entry corresponding to the 5 working days of the week with Day Start as 1 and Day Stop as 5
  • Category option will be disabled and defaulted to Available (Free)
  • With the details created, click on ‘Continue’; it will take you to the ‘Review and Finish’ page

create schedule pattern pic 4

  • Provide Start and End date along with the format
  • Run the report to check the pattern
  • If the format is Weekly, you have an option to select the ‘Time Increment’ and ‘Show short code’ fields
  • A sample weekly report is shown below

create schedule pattern pic 5

  • Once you have verified the report, you can click Finish and create the Schedule pattern

Create Schedule Pattern using Calendar based pattern

  • First step of creating Calendar based pattern is same as that of day based pattern
  • Provide name, description, Day, Start time and duration for schedule pattern

create schedule pattern pic 6

  • Here I have selected start day as Monday with availability of 7 hours
  • Similarly like day based pattern when you click on continue you will reach to Review and Finish
  • Create Schedule Pattern screen
  • After running the report based on given parameters finish the job of creating calendar based shift pattern

Create Schedule Pattern using Duration based pattern

  • First step to create Duration based pattern is same as that of previous two
  • Provide name and description of the pattern
  • In Add Details region give name to duration you want to define and click on Add

create schedule pattern pic 7

  • Click on Continue to go to Review and Finish Create Schedule Pattern screen
  • Run and verify the report and finish creating duration based pattern

Next step after creating schedule pattern is to create schedule

Check here to see how to create schedule

Oracle’s documentation to create Schedule Pattern

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