How To Delete Current Assignment Of An Employee in Oracle HRMS

Oracle E-Business Suite screens shows fields such as effective start date and effective end date to maintain the history of records. Most of screens in Oracle E-Business Suite’s HRMS module have this feature.

While working in Oracle HRMS, you might sometimes come across a situation to delete current or most recent assignment record of an employee. Let us see here how to do it:

Problem Situation

John Doe is an employee whose current assignment is starting from 01-JAN-2018 to 31-DEC-4712.

Below are his previous two assignments

01-JAN-2017 to 31-DEC-2017

01-JAN-2016 to 31-DEC-2016

Steps to Follow

  • Go to Path: XX HRMS Manager -> People -> Enter and Maintain

delete current assignment pic 1

  • Search for employee John Doe

  • Open Assignment screen of that employee by clicking on Assignment button

delete current assignment pic 3

  • Change effective start date to one day previous of existing effective start date. In our case it will be 31-DEC-2017 as effective end date and 01-JAN-2016 as effective start date

delete current assignment pic 4

  • Press Delete button located at the top of your screen
  • You will get a popup message “Do you really want to delete this record?” with three options
    1. Next
    2. All
    3. Purge
  • Press Next

delete current assignment pic 5

  • Save the record
  • Re-query the record again for John Doe. The effective start date will be 01-JAN-2016 and effective end date will be 31-DEC-4712


Next option will delete only immediate next record of assignment for an employee. In our case it deleted record starting from 01-JAN-2018


All option will remove multiple future assignments of that employee from existing effective record.

For example,

If existing record of John Doe is starting from 01-JAN-2016 to 31-DEC-2016 then pressing ALL will delete assignments starting from 01-JAN-2017 and 01-JAN-2018.

Thus your assignment record after delete with “All” will start from 01-JAN-2016 to 31-DEC-4712.


Purge will remove the record totally from the system for that employee. The record will be deleted from database.

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