Difference between Form Personalization and CUSTOM.PLL in Oracle EBS

Form Personalization and CUSTOM.PLL are two utilities provided by Oracle E-Business suite to alter the standard behaviour of user interfaces. They are handy to perform tasks such as disabling the fields, implement zoom functionality, change caption (prompt) values, display custom message and create custom menus for a particular form. CUSTOM.PLL and form personalization both are equally capable to change the working process of all the modules. Yet they still have minor differences which surpass the power of one over the other depending on the situation.

PLL in CUSTOM.PLL stands for programming link library provided in Oracle E-Business Suite package to modify the standard working of a function using PL/SQL programming language while form personalization accomplishes the same thing using a fairly easy user interface.

The difference in CUSTOM.PLL and form personalization is one of the widely asked interview questions. Oracle E-business Suite developers prepares for it thoroughly before Oracle Apps interviews.

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Difference between Form Personalization and CUSTOM.PLL

Form Personalization


Form Personalization is a graphical user interfaceCUSTOM.PLL is a programming linked library
Multiple developers can work simultaneously in the form personalization activityOnly one developer can work in CUSTOM.PLL if an ideal version maintenance process is followed
PL/SQL programming knowledge is a must to perform tasks such as disabling the fields, changing the prompts etc.No need of programming knowledge to disable fields, change prompts etc.
Form personalization changes can be previewed using Validate buttonCUSTOM.PLL changes preview is not possible. The library needs to be compiled every time you make changes
You have to visit multiple forms equally multiple times to disable form personalizationAll the codes of CUSTOM.PLL can be commented at once
Multiple choices of action message box are not possible with form personalizationMultiple choices of actions message box can be created using CUSTOM.PLL
Module-specific form personalization is not possibleModule specific CUSTOM.PLL changes such as XXCUSTOMPO.PLL or XXCUSTOMAR.PLL is possible
Easier to implement than CUSTOM.PLLRequires UAT testing, impact analysis and re-release of CUSTOM.PLL in case of errors in the same
A menu cannot be disabled conditionally in the form personalizationMenu can be disabled conditionally through CUSTOM.PLL
Form Personalization has less precedence over CUSTOM.PLLCUSTOM.PLL has more precedence over form personalization

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