Query to Get Employee Details in Oracle Apps

In Oracle HRMS, it becomes necessary to fetch employee details for some tasks.

The employee record details query is extremely helpful if bookmarked.

Below is the query to get employee details in Oracle Apps which you can add as favorites in your browser.

Query to Fetch Employee Details

SELECT pad.primary_flag,
       papf.employee_number "Employee Number",
       papf.title "Title",
       papf.first_name "First Name",
       papf.last_name "Last Name",
       TO_CHAR(papf.date_of_birth, 'DD-MON-RRRR') "Birth Date",
       TRUNC(MONTHS_BETWEEN(SYSDATE, papf.date_of_birth) / 12) "Age",
       hrlsex.meaning "Gender",
       ppt.user_person_type "Person Type",
       papf.national_identifier "National Identifier",
       hrlnat.meaning "Nationality",
       hrlms.meaning "Marital Status",
       papf.email_address "E-mail",
       TO_CHAR(papf.effective_start_date, 'DD-MON-RRRR') "Start Date",
       TO_CHAR(papf.effective_end_date, 'DD-MON-RRRR') "End Date",
       TO_CHAR(papf.original_date_of_hire, 'DD-MON-RRRR') "Hire Date",
       pjobs.name "Job",
       ppos.name "Position",
       pgrade.name "Grade",
       haou.name "Organization",
       pbus.name "Business Group",
       hrlat.meaning "Address Type",
       pad.address_line1 || CHR(10) || pad.address_line2 || CHR(10) ||
       pad.address_line3 "Address",
       pad.postal_code "Postal Code",
       ftt.territory_short_name "Country",
       ftt.description "Full Country Name",
       hrleg.meaning "Ethnic Origin"
FROM per_all_people_f papf,
     per_all_assignments_f paaf,
     per_person_types_tl ppt,
     hr_lookups hrlsex,
     hr_lookups hrlnat,
     hr_lookups hrlms,
     hr_lookups hrleg,
     hr_lookups hrlat,
     per_jobs pjobs,
     per_all_positions ppos,
     per_addresses pad,
     per_grades_tl pgrade,
     per_business_groups pbus,
     hr_all_organization_units haou,
     fnd_territories_tl ftt
WHERE 1 = 1
  AND hrlat.lookup_code(+) = pad.address_type
  AND hrlat.lookup_type(+) = 'ADDRESS_TYPE'
  AND hrlsex.lookup_code(+) = papf.sex
  AND hrlsex.lookup_type(+) = 'SEX'
  AND hrlnat.lookup_code(+) = papf.nationality
  AND hrlnat.lookup_type(+) = 'NATIONALITY'
  AND hrlms.lookup_code(+) = papf.marital_status
  AND hrlms.lookup_type(+) = 'MAR_STATUS'
  AND hrleg.lookup_code(+) = papf.per_information1
  AND hrleg.lookup_type(+) = 'US_ETHNIC_GROUP'
  AND ftt.territory_code(+) = pad.country
  AND pad.business_group_id(+) = papf.business_group_id
  AND pad.date_to IS NULL
  AND pad.person_id(+) = papf.person_id
  AND pgrade.grade_id(+) = paaf.grade_id
  AND haou.organization_id(+) = paaf.organization_id
  AND haou.business_group_id(+) = paaf.business_group_id
  AND pbus.business_group_id(+) = paaf.business_group_id
  AND ppos.position_id(+) = paaf.position_id
  AND pjobs.job_id(+) = paaf.job_id
  AND ppt.person_type_id(+) = papf.person_type_id
  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN paaf.effective_start_date AND
  AND paaf.person_id = papf.person_id
  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date AND

Per_all_people_f and per_all_assignments_f fetch the employee and assignment record of an employee.

Per_jobs table contains the job-related information of an employee.

The table per_all_positions retrieves position at the job of an employee.

Address is available in per_addresses table.

The per_grades table fetches grades data.

Organization data is queried from hr_all_organization_units table.

The country is derived from the fnd_territories_tl table.

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