How To Setup Git in Windows?

Installing and setup Git is very simple. Git is available for all major operating systems. In this article, we will see how to install and setup Git in Windows OS.

Git Installation

Download Git by clicking hereDepending on your OS bit system, relevant version will be downloaded automatically.

Installing Git will install three basic utilities:

  • Git BASH
  • Git CMD
  • Git GUI

Github Account Creation

Before proceeding further make sure that you have GitHub account. If you don’t have account then create one now on To avoid any confusion, for the time being don’t do anything more than creating your account.

First Time Setup Git in Windows

For the first time, you need to do certain configurations in Git. Hardly there is any need to modify them in future. User email, username and text editor are basic examples of configurations in Git. As you upgrade versions of Git, this configuration remains the same.

I) Checking the Git configuration

Before setting up any configuration, let us check default configurations provided after Git installation. In order to see those configurations execute below command:

$ git config --list

setup git 1

II) Setup Git user name and user email

User name and user email are first parameters to setup Git. This user information is used in Git commits. User email must be registered GitHub email. Below are the commands to setup Git user name and user email:

$ git config --global "Frodo Baggins"

$ git config --global

setup git 2

Above figure shows git username and email configuration. If you use –global flag, you have to set it once and then this user can be used in all places.

III) Setup Git text editor

Once user information is setup, you need to configure the text editor to write Git commit messages.

If text editor is not setup, default system editor is used by Git.

 $ git config --global core.editor "H:/Notepad++/npp.6.9.bin/notepad++.exe"

setup git 3

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