Payables Open Interface Import Invalid Pay Method

For the ERS supplier, invoices get stuck in Payables Open Interface Program that is run automatically after Pay On Receipt Autoinvoice program. Invalid Pay Method error occurs when any default payment method is not defined for a site of the supplier.

How to reproduce Invalid Pay Method?

1) Define a supplier as an ERS supplier (Read here how to create ERS Supplier)
2) Create a Purchase Order for that ERS supplier
3) Create a Receipt of that Purchase Order
4) Run Pay On Receipt AutoInvoice Program
5) Go to output and see the results


A payment method is required to be defined at the site of that supplier. Below are the steps to define pay method:

Go to AP Super User Responsibility → Supplier Inquiry

Invalid Pay Method 1

Search for the supplier

Invalid Pay Method 2

Click on Payment details under Reporting

Invalid Pay Method 3

Define they pay method you want to keep default

Invalid Pay Method 4

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