List of Oracle HRMS APIs for Oracle E-Business Suite Consultants

Oracle HRMS APIs (Application Program Interface) are essential pieces of standard Oracle codes to perform modification, creation or deletion of Human Resource module data. The direct DML operations could be risky as programmers are sometimes unaware of other linked tables that require the same kind of operations to be performed. To avoid such anomalies Oracle has provided standard APIs for HRMS module. These APIs are nothing but conventional PL/SQL packages created to perform those respective tasks. Oracle HRMS APIs are used to modify employee related information.

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Here’s the list of Oracle HRMS APIs that can be handy to Oracle HRMS Professionals.

Oracle HRMS APIs List

Create Employee API

Update Employee API

Create Employee Contact API

Hire Into Job API

Create Employee Address API

Update Employee Address API

Create Element Entries for Employee API

Delete Element Entries for Employee API

Rehire Employee API

Create Employee Payment Method API

Create and Update Employee Phone API

Create and Update Employee Salary Proposal API

Update Employee Fed Tax Rule API

Create Employee State Tax Rule API

Update Employee State Tax Rule API

Update Employee Assignment API

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