Oracle DaaS – Data as a Service – A Simple Explanation

Oracle Data as a Service (Oracle DaaS) is an another breakthrough service from Oracle thereby solidifying its grip in the area of cloud service. The data collected from heterogeneous sources is transformed into the much better way so that it can be productively analyzed by sales teams, marketers, and research/insight analysts.

DaaS is a data-driven approach to leverage the focus on selling products rather than managing, sourcing and utilizing the data. In today’s world, data is consumed from the variety of sources due to the digitization of processes. The volume of data ranges from enterprise level systems, online shopping portals, and social media to various other platforms. Not only the data is unstructured, but it is also vastly distributed and raw.

In the recent years, we can see that the numbers of users have risen exponentially in digitization arena. At the same time, organizations are facing competition from peers as well as enthusiastic startups. It is inevitable for them to learn the buying patterns of potential consumers to meet the business goals. DaaS is an agile service that helps the companies to attain that competitive advantage by gaining an insight into the ways to connect to customers across sales and marketing areas.

Oracle combines Bluekai Audience Data Marketplace along with its own data services to create Oracle Data Cloud.

Oracle DaaS for Sales

The goal of sales is to accelerate revenue growth for the company. The inputs of data from external agencies, social media, and other sources can be of valuable significance. However, the mapping of data from external resources with existing sales system is a challenging task. It requires proper resources, high-quality intelligence, and proper management in the market packed up with probably any kind of data.

Oracle DaaS for sales supplies high quality and comprehensive external data from reliable prospects to companies enabling smarter selling of products.


  • Increase in revenue
  • Leverage to reach right customers with right products
  • Plan future sales
  • Pre-determination of customer needs

Oracle DaaS for Business

For the business to prosper, the flow of data is of utmost importance. Moreover, competitive advantage over peers is imperative. Derivation of unique intelligent data obtained from external sources is relatively necessary. Without that, it will not be possible to create a unified system across the organization.

Oracle Data as a Service plays a crucial role in identifying the creamy level of intelligent data from the voluminous chunk of information. It forms the centralized system to analyze, gather and furnish data in a user-friendly format. This intelligent data will lead into more credible business actions.


  • Data from more than billion anonymous profiles
  • Easy integration of data with marketing applications
  • Pre-integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Social Relationship Management Cloud
  • Connection of cross-channel data into a centralized repository
  • Trusted data availability
  • Increase in customers and sales
  • Lowering of overhead cost

Oracle DaaS for Social

oracle daas for social

Data is collected today from digital resources through social media and other external sources. With an abundance of data, the opportunity for an organization to develop multiplies. Companies will be able to understand the needs of their consumers closely and accurately. This will lead to the enhanced customer experience. Improvisation of operational efficiency will be an added advantage.

Oracle DaaS for social transforms raw data into intelligent information in an organized way. The full content of data is captured rather than topics, titles and summary information from RSS feeds. This data is collected from 40 million websites around the world.

Normally Oracle DaaS captures data from major social networks like Facebook, twitter, Google+, YouTube and other platforms.

In the enterprise edition of companies and contacts, more than 120 Contact and Company social data fields like Twitter Profile URL, Twitter Match Score, LinkedIn Profile URL, LinkedIn Match Score, Profile Photo, Kred Outreach Score, SlideShare Profile URL, and Peer Index Score will be included.


  • High-quality information at one place
  • Billions of profiles from social media network
  • Extensive opportunities
  • Unconstrained data usage
  • Easy availability of millions of contacts

Oracle DaaS is a boon for industries to increase business in the digital economy. Chances of reaching to ideal customers will fourfold impeccably with the help of it. Organizations can cater an enriched experience for customers as well as for themselves by providing fast and reliable services.

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