Order to Cash Cycle in Oracle (From Interview Perspective)

Just as Procure to Pay cycle covers the purchasing part of an organization, Order to Cash cycle covers the sales part of the enterprise resource planning process. The cycle of Order to Cash is a part of Order Management module in Oracle E-Business Suite.  When a company sells its services or products to a customer flow of that data occurs through O2C Cycle. For an organization or conglomerate Order to Cash cycle is one of the important parts of the business as it is inevitable to maintain sales records for deciding future strategy. It is also abbreviated as O2C cycle. We will have an overview of O2C cycle from the interview perspective in brief as it is one of commonly asked questions in Order Management interviews.

Steps of Order to Cash Cycle

  • Enter Sales Order: Enter the sales related information such as lines (with product details) and create a Sales Order
  • Book Sales Order: Finalize the Sales Order by booking it
  • Pick Release: Find the items or products and release the order
  • Pick Confirm: Confirmation of items being picked / released from the inventory
  • Ship Confirm: Confirmation of items or products being shipped
  • Invoice Creation: Create invoice using Auto Invoice Import program or manually
  • Close Sales Order: The Sales Order is closed and the order is complete

Tables in Order to Cash Cycle

Enter Sales Order



Book Sales Order

OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL: Flow_Status_Code – Booked

OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL: Flow_Status_Code – Awaiting Shipping

WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS: Released_Status – R (Ready to release)


Pick Release

OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL: Flow_Status_Code – Picked

WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS: Released_Status – S (Submitted for release)






Pick Confirm



WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS: Released_Status – Y (Released)



Ship Confirm

OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL: Flow_Status_Code – Shipped

WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS: Released_Status – C (Shipped)






Invoice Creation



Close Sales Order

OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL: Flow_Status_Code – Closed

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  1. Lead to Opportunity to quote to Sales order to book, schedule, pick and ship to run autoinvoice process to invoice to payment rec’s to JE

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