Raise_Application_Error in Oracle PL/SQL

What is raise_application_error?

The raise_application_error is a built-in procedure that allows the developer to associate his/her own error message to an oracle error number. It helps you in returning a custom error to your application so that you can avoid returning unhandled exceptions. Thus, the message given by a developer acts as an oracle error message here (Interesting!).

When raise_application_error raises an exception all uncommitted transactions are rolled back and an error message with an error number (ORA-) is returned to the user. This built-in procedure can raise an exception but cannot handle it.

raise_application_error procedure is a part of DBMS_STANDARD and STANDARD packages. You don’t have to reference them while using it.

raise_application_error in plsql

Syntax of raise_application_error


Note: Error numbers other than between -20000 and -20999 are reserved by Oracle to display its own standard error messages.

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