How to set SYSDATE as default in Text Item in Oracle Forms

Here is the small tip you may find helpful when you are an experienced or new developer who just recently learned Oracle Forms. I will show you how to set SYSDATE as default in Text Item in Oracle Forms.

Steps to set SYSDATE as default in Text Item

  • Open Oracle Forms 6i or above
  • Connect to database (You can also perform this without connecting to database but you will not be able to see its effect)
  • Go to your Block
  • Go to your Item on which you want to default SYSDATE
  • Right Click on Item to open Property Palette


  • Under Data section, ensure that your Data Type property is Date, if it is Char then change it to Date
  • Go to Format Mask property under same section
  • Enter $$date$$ in Format Mask property


  • Compile the form and run to see the result

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