WHERE Clause in Oracle

Where clause in Oracle filters the retrieval of data from a single or multiple objects.

Most of the time, it is not mandatory to fetch the entire table’s data for a piece of information.

The WHERE selects the rows based on a boolean expression. If the condition mentioned in the where clause turns out to be true, data can be shown in the result set.

The main use of WHERE is in SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statement. It restricts the data to be retrieved, updated or deleted.

It is also an optional clause of the DML (Data Manipulation Language) statement.

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SELECT columns | expressions
  FROM table_name
 WHERE column_name = value;
Parameters Explanation


  • Single or multiple columns


  • Expressions to use in the SELECT statement


  • Single or multiple tables or views


  • Name of the column to restrict the data


  • Value to use in the condition to filter the data


  • Where clause using equal to “=” operator
  FROM employees
 WHERE dept_no = 10;

Instead of entire data, this query fetches the data of only department number 10.

  • Where clause using IN operator
  FROM employees
 WHERE dept_no IN (10, 30);

In this example, IN clause restricts the data up to departments 10 and 30.

  • The where clause using BETWEEN operator
  FROM employees

Here, the employees who are recruited in last 10 days are fetched using BETWEEN operator.

Subsequently, the WHERE is also used with <, >, =, >=, <=, EXISTS and other operators.

The use of where clause in ANSI SQL is identical to what I have described in this article.

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